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New generation towerlifts
Tower Efesto

Tower Lift is the easy professional support for truss, audio-light system, usable to manage great and little events. New generation towerlifts improved for technical measures and increased functionality, are available to 4 and 5 elements with different height and capacity. Designed in elementary way, Lifting System familiy's members make less hard the lifting work and the support:

  • The bearfings-winch system favors a wire stell rope easy scroll that with 6 wire and metallic core presents a reduced rotation and high-reistanceto breakage and effort.
  • The fixed feet wide aperture terminals and stabilizers adjustable in height make the telescopic pole safe during the work phases.
  • The base, with increased wheels compared to common lifting system, is easly movable by a reduced developed in the resting phase (closed).



✔ Bearfings for uniform handling
✔ Wheels Ø100mm
✔ Feet with reinforced rubber pads



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