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Efesto Production Srl, is a young and dynamic corporate reality that working in the field of aluminium structure; It born in 2005, from the will and stubbornness of Fabbricatore Bernardo, ,the founder, It is the result of a long experience in the filed of aluminium construction.
Efesto Production is pleased to present the components that characterize and enrich the product belonging to Trusses Line :
Aluminium Trusses
Aluminium modular Structures for entertainment, events and installation.
In January 2010 Efesto moved to Angri , in Salerno, in a builiding which extends on an area of 10.000 mq, and 3.500 mq of them are covered. Efesto's laboratory consist of technical-administrative office , production area and large warehouses. [Continue]

Efesto team, one , for understanding and reasons caters to customers' needs with courtesy and professionalism. Qualified team Capacity, the Knowladge acquired during a long experience in aluminium field , the possession of the rightSkills are the basis of versatility and affable quality of EFESTO to realize more ambitious projects. The diligents in the initiative, the continuing reaserch of materials and in the study of techniqual production attentive to care of the details and to theproduct quality make it particularly sensitive to operators needs.

Efesto Production offers, with competence, professionalism, courtesy and availability, services at affordable costs.
Our products quality, withe the validity of technical information, wants to make sure the work, of those to make a living every day, his own work, our creations.
Tradition and tecnologies wisely combined are a guarantee of production quality recognized. The gained experience is the base of optimal results and innovative customizable solutions in the trussing world and its accessories. Efesto want to be a solution and a quick response to the questions of a more demanding market in frantic evolution. [Continue]

Efesto Production is a company with a certified Quality System according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. EFESTO products and production processes are certified by International institute as TÜV Süd . The Italian Institute of Welding recognizes to Efesto Production S.r.l the quality of its welding according to standard:
UNI EN ISO 15614-1 / UNI EN ISO 15614-2
UNI EN ISO 25613:5
Collection "S " ANCC Rev. 1995 Ed. 1999
and certifies the technical validity of its welders in according to standard: UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2013 - UNI EN ISO 9606-2:2006 [Continue]

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