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ASTRO  demountable tower at  Prolight + Sound 2017
Perfect balance of cost, performance and handling 

On the occasion of his presence on the international stage of the Prolight + Sound, Efesto presents ASTROtower
ASTROtower utilizes S85A demountable trusses 
Maximum tower height 20 m – Maximum load 8000 kg
S85A is a new concept in ultra high load truss that is the perfect choice for any temporary or semi-permanent structure. 

Made from high performance aluminum alloy it maintains its form and undergoes minimal deflection even at maximimum load allowing higher load capacity at longer spans than any other truss system.

A unique feature of S85A truss is that it can be disassembled, overlaid and moved easily. 
It's disassembled design reduces the transport and storage space required, making it the best investment for large structures - the perfect balance of cost, performance and handling!

Efesto wait you in the Hall 3.0  at Stand A30 from 04 at 07 April
For more info on demountable truss S58A >> Click here
During the event the Efesto team will be available to illustrate the news of the products on display

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