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Easy series Efesto

EASY because lightweight series
EASY is the easy and lightweight series suitable for all kind of simple and fast configurations. The ends of the EASY are aluminium casting plates with short insert. The strength is a double connection system: bolt connection and quick connection spigots. Ideal applications are exhibitions, showrooms, shops, salt, cinema, public and private presentations, advertising and exhibitions, entertainment places with audio and songs. These series are very versatile in their use and very fast to be joined, ideals for any solutions with low load capacity.

Superiòr series Efesto
Is born the plate in aluminium casting with increased connection: a little - Big detail created for more security". Flat series, Triangular series and Square series : common denominator increased connection: 10 cm long. Increased connection are the connotative element of Efesto Truss plates, they guarantee an optimal connection for each modular connection. [Continue]

 Titans series Efesto
The GIANT' Series.
TITANS series, new Efesto production, is composed by little and big modular component. Titans modular component, higly performing, are safe and quick in mounting. They are suitable for big and little project. The new line was created for provide a product qualitativly valid and cheap. Every Titans trusses line si composed by: corners, circles, towers and accessories [Continue]

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