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The cable cross with interlocking anti-opening!

The cable crosses are used in indoor and outdoor. Modularly support the passage of heavy vehicles protecting and insulating the tubes and electrical cables placed within their channels

The interlocking anti-opening joins ducts permanently without risk of detachment thus ensuring greater stability and security.
The cable cross, 2 or 5 channels, with the use of variants angled adapted to the needs of form and space, creating walkable routes safe.

With black base polyurethane and plastic cover are light, non-skid and resistant to solvents, acids, oils and weathering. 

The  top presents a plastic cover that can be opened in yellow color to increase the visibility, this is fixed to clip to facilitate the opening and closing allowing excellent protection for the cables and / or tubes.The lateral inclination, that the structure, favors the passage of strollers and wheelchairs that have small wheels.

The use of cable crosses contributes significantly to making safe and under public places and work and ensure security and freedom of movement, order and beauty of the environment, compliance with accident prevention and protection of installations. 

Application area:

- Exhibitions
- Sidewalks and walkways
- Markets
- Stores
- Workshop
- Shopping Centres
- Funfairk

- Mechanical
- Teaching car review
- Exhibitions
- Shows
- Concerts
- Construction sites
- Set Television

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For information on the system interlocking anti - opening >> Click Here!












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