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ChainRunner, aluminium device for save cable
Cable proteceted and in safe positions!

ChainRunner is a valid solution for the management of safety cables. In fact, ChainRunner is designed, for the entertainment industry, to provide operators with a safe solution in cable management.
ChainRunner is aluminium device which, applied to the hoist chain, protects the power cables, control and audio connected to truss applications on the move.

• Safe
with an adequate number of ChainRunner on the chain all cables, connected to the moving
  trusses, are in a safe position
ChainRunner is manufactured according to ISO 9001-2001and is CE marked.

• Versatilethe Chain Runner range adapts to STAGEMAKER’s hoists but also to most of hoists on the
ChainRunner is compatible with chain up to 8 mm diameter.
• Pratical:he application of ChainRunner takes place without the need to remove the chain or the hoist
   hook and does not require the use of additional tools.

ChainRunnerr is light, practical and low maintenance: the ideal and economical solution for cable management!

For more information on the ChainRunner models of Efesto: Click here or Contact Us







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