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Followspot and Sound delay towers
A follow spot tower and/or sound tower

EFESTO Spot and Delay Towers are freestanding towers with several heights and they use different sections trusses according client’s needs.This delay tower have high load capacity and can raise speaker arrays higher than our other designs.

EFESTO freestanding towers are versatile can be used as follow spot and/or delay tower (support speaker arrays).

Constructed using our S85A or S85AJ Truss , these delays are reliable and easy to assemble; this delay tower are available in silver or black finish and they accommodate different heights, weights, and baskets.


Delay towers are essential structures used to elevate lights and audio speakers in the air, on audience’s view..

Special top frames are available for easy attachement of sound and spot baskets: you can combined with up to four EFESTO spot baskets. EFESTO makes a very compact ‘Follow spot Basket’: these can be are dismantled completely for an easy transport and storage.

EFESTO Spot and Delay Towers are capable of supporting spot platforms, audio systems and additionally, an video screen between the 2 towers.
Anchoring or ballasts are required for a correct installation: Ballast blocks are used with these structures as weight and support.

For more information on the Followspot and Sound delay disegned by Efesto >> Click Here oppure Contact US!

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