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supporto led wall efesto speedy beta01 p led wall for
beta2 support system for led wall
modular support for led wall support system for led wall efesto
modular support for led wall support system for led wall

FreedomFast, compact support for led wall

FreedomFast is compact support for ledwall that enters into flight case!

This self-supporting positioning system, easy to assemble, aluminum made, is ideal solution for different kind of led systems.
Fast, versatile, compact, modular: FreedomFast is the freedom to be fast in every single installation!
Ledwall support, compact version and black finish, has basic and simple design: this is the fastest solution and the better answer at ledwall star of the events and shows.
The ledwall support system must be ballasted (you can request a back ballast - device compatible).


Compact and Lightweight: each component (front and back foots, the stabilizers bracing,
   central positioning and securing system) disassembled enters into a flight case.

   Set up easy and quickly of modular system makes fast using and storage.

Modular: the modular base with adjustable foots is suitable to different types of led
   modules systems.

Versatile: the back stabilizers, height adjustable, ensure the stability of the walls up to
   200 cm.

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