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Structures and Solution for events
Kòsmosfera, refined and exclusive shapes for covering large areas

KÒSMOSFERA ESA 12, is among the most recent 'significant projects realized by Efesto in the year 2014. Solution attractive shapes, structured by multiple arches, majestic presence located in the enchanting scenery landscaped Latronico.
KÒSMOSFERA ESA 12 is, currently, with its strong identity and imposing version dimensionally more ambitious, for covered surface and structural form, made by Efesto: Base 25x25 m, height 7.50 m, covered area of 360 square meters.
Arches, structured with a triangular form side 52 cm, unfold in an intersection of vault, elementary complexity of its concept.

Kòsmosfera is definitely the ideal solution for covering small and large spaces, is the exclusive frame that becomes the protagonist, topic / news from local newspapers, becoming the "KÒSMOSFERA Mirtò" showcase of Made in Sardinia (see article).

Structure taste Made in Italy, modular configuration forms beautiful and well made.

 Large covered area
✔ Stage presence of strong visual impact
✔ Harmonious shapes and solid



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