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The safety of worker is a right

The department revisions and maintenance of electric hoists, formed by competent engineers, actively operates at the premises of Efesto Production srl from the beginning of 2016. The task of the department is to check the regular functioning in the time of the hoist to prevent and defend from damage to persons and the work of operators.

The operator or his representative is responsible for supervising of the working tools and has the obligation to know the risks and the security implications in working with electric chain hoists.

The periodic review, under the current regulations the Legislative Decree 81/2008 - Art. 71 - Paragraphs 4 and 8, has the following actions: Check the mechanical and electrical parts of the motor, load testing and registration clutch, control of the chain.The operation of revisions electric hoists ends with the emission of a ID card, the identity card of the motor with dated and monitored the review results. The ID Card should be guarded with diligence and accompanies the motor in its life cycle.

We recommend to book, in time, with the company the revision calendar of your motors in order to usher in the new season of engagements in the name of safety.

To make an booking the annual review of hoists Contact Us



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