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Safety helmets and cables with whithe coating

Safety cables with white coating and safety helmts are sure allies in every work of installation and construction.

Work Safety is an obligation and a duty of every operator. Safety tools valid, proposed by Efesto, are safety cables with white coating and safety helmets.

The safety cable with white coating allow to guarantee a reliable positioning of the headlights and motorized. The withe coating increases the performance of the rope, stretching his long life preserving it from weathering, bumps and corrosion. Allows for a quick visual inspection of the rope. The cables are available in lengths of 50 and 100 cm complete with steel carabiner.

There are two ventilated helmet models proposed by Efesto:

The helmet Vertex®Vent is a ventilated helmet excellent protection for work at height. It has vent holes with sliding doors to ventilate the helmet and chin strap highly resistant and antiopening.

The helmet Alveo Vent is a ventilated helmet safe protection device for work at height. Shock absorption obtained by deformation of the inner shell of polystyrene foam. It has vent holes to ventilate the helmet and a particularly strong chin and antiopening.

For more information of Safety Line of Efesto:Click here!







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