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Speedy BETA Stage is the stage thunderbolt of Jovanotti

Speedy BETA stage, the table Efesto with incopored FastLook 

Speedy BETA stage, the table stage produced by EFESTO, has helped shape special idea of the colorful stage of Jovanotti "Lorenzo Stadi 2015".

A real thunderbolt hurled up into the audience creates in terms of dramatic and visual for the public "an unforgettable experience, a show of pure magic."

The shape of the stage allowing the audience to have a close range in many places of the structure thanks to a long walkway that intersects a second stage from 70 meters.

Speedy BETA , in a clever combination of standard and asymmetric modules connected easily to FastLock, the system quick connection and positioning aluminium frame incorporated, gives shape to the space / stage the form of thunderbolt.

The stage / thunderbolt as a synonym of energy, speed, means of communication between heaven and earth becomes, in the show, the intimate space of the possibility of contact and the real embrace with the world.

That of Lorenzo negli Stadi 2015 is a stage for definition of artist "exaggerated, enriched by new elements." Jovanotti said he was inspired by the concept of rock'n'roll, which for him is that of colorful concerts of the 80 of RollingStones, but also U2 or Bruce Springsteen.
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