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Vasco Rossi singer's the spaceship take off on GAMMA stage

Gamma stage is the platform stage for scaffolding system

GAMMA stage is the platform stage for scaffolding systems, made in Italy by EFESTO, makes the strong stage spaceship of Vasco Rossi singer and the V-shaped catwalk jutting out into the public and welcomes, as in a hug, the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The scenography of the the stage of Live Kom tour in 2015 gives way to the idea of the show / music artist as a space well anchored to the past with an eye to the future stretching.

GAMMA stage is the imposing stage of the emotions of the fantastic? "Ship rock" of Vasco Rossi, is the spacecraft from futuristic shapes ready to take off to new musical spaces beyond "Dannate nuvole" to the "Luna".

GAMMA stage, ideal platform EFESTO for the realization of small and large podiums and stages , it is the only solution Stage do not buy play after long use, because the frame with which the structure is entirely welded ... is the choice of modern stage combined with the flexibility of scaffolding tubes and couplings.


 The stage may change height using uprights other dimension
• The parapets are made with both the current standard of the multidirectional scaffolding, both with a single closure element.
• Wall side, single or double, with different heights, made with multidirectional scaffolding and connected directly to the stage allow the attachment of engines and facilitate the lifting of the cover and the audio system.
• The PVC sheets of the side wall are fixed by special kit clamps / couplings of the structure through the guides of Speedyside family: the logic of engagement with wedge and a rosette structure coupling system of easy mounting and quick through the assembly and disassembly.

The speed of assembly, great modularity, extreme adaptability and high capacity make GAMMA Stage stage a highly flexible and practical possibilities of use even in the most complex. >> More info












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