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The Clamp with the safe-locking system

Efesto is proud to present its new range of large and shackles.
Efesto makes a wide range of couplers, clamps and arms connection, unique to the careful design and attention to detail.

Efesto constantly strives to provide a variety of standard solutions applicable to the resolution of possible problems related to the installation of modular structures and all forms of installation.

The world of lighting smirks at the presentation of the innovative range of hooks EFESTO taste everything Italian.

Among the new features are:

· The family of hooks to trigger available in black or silver,
· Article code GC / 01: hook shaped like a "C" made entirely of aluminum
· The exclusive aliscaf with certain: high-performance terminal

The clamps are made of an aluminum alloy extremely resistant, high gloss finish and are supplied on request, can be painted black.

The clamps shall be identified by the serial number of the family and the indication of the load capacity Swl, are tested with a SF 5: 1(Safety factor / factor of safety) and have the CE mark.




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