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Grandstand with multicom systems


is a grandstand realized with multicom system, designed for every kind og event. The anti-slippery steel walking surface guarantee maximum safety and realiability, thanks to help of the multidirectional system, the grandstand allows to make up for important slopes. Fall protection lateral parapets guarantee an high performing safety systems. Maximum lift accessible is 8 meters. ProoForum is availabile with low starting configuration and with high starting configuration and fron hallway sorting. It is possible required a coverage version with lataral parapets painted. The capacity with lateral loads and pushed to the parapets are rispectively 500 kg/m2 and 150 kg/m and have been verified according to D.M. 14/01/2008 e CNR UNI 10011/88. In any case, the structure must be verified by the designer for each assembly diagram
  ProoForum Grandstand
Height steps 0,40 m
Length steps 0,66 m
Max. height 8,00 m
Inclination 31°
Wheelbase longitudinal 1,25 m
Height parapets 1,12 m
Capacity (vertical loads) 500 kg/m2

ProoForum Grandstand

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