Tavola palco Speedy Beta - Speedy Beta Stage - Efesto Production - Angri (SA) Italy


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Speedy Stage BETA
Speedy BETA stage per palchi, passerelle, sfilate di moda, conferenze

Speedy Beta Stage


Modular platform, made in welded aluminum, for stages and podiums height adjustable, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Technical data
▪ Birch plywood, 12mm thick platform, anti skid top layer and fireproof, water resistant, for phenolic coating on both sides
▪ Aluminum frame with shocks protection board of wooden deck panel
▪ The legs are fitted to the bottom deck frame and are fixed in position by special joint
▪ In the bottom of deck there is a quick connection system between the decks: BETA FastLock - is actuated by hexagonal key
▪ Plastic corners of deck are removable. They make accessible the guides along the frame for mounting accessories
(Railings, scale, etc.)

The technical data are subject to change without notice by the company

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