ASTROroof - The modular space roof system with demountable tower


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ASTROroof ground support


ASTROroof ground support
with modular space frame and demountable towers
ASTROroof ground support is a modular roof system based on a spatial frame structure. ASTROtower is the first demountable tower in the world: it's the new concept of clever combination of optimal transport and highest possible load performance
ASTROroof has been created for the construction of the biggest shows and events. The roof system is based on combination the aluminium anti skid main chordes and diagonals combined with special node points: this combination can create a roof structure of any desired size or shape. ASTROroof an be built up to 37x22 meters in size.

The new concept of clever combination the antiskid - main chords 80 mm width and 170 cm height of grid, makes safe and easy the works of workers on the structure roof (fitting cover, suspension equipment, etc.).
ASTROroof allows suspension points distributed on each 8 way steel node of space frame.

The special top canopy guarantees efficient water drainage. The towers in conjunction with the ballast base system guarantee high stability and solidity of the structure. ASTROroof structure includes tension gear and steel wires and steel modular ballast bases.

Componentes ASTROroof

  AR2516 H16
Main grid
Space frame 2072 x 2072 mm
Total self weight
37000 kg
(of which 15000 kg of ballast)
Covered area
400 m2
Maximum tower height
14 m
Vertical truss
Max loading capacity1
≈ 30000 kg
Roofing sheet
650g/mq-Top, sides and back
Ballast base
Sound wings
Optional, not included
 1 Loading data calculated with wind speed 28 m/s

Modular roof system
Hight load-bearing capacity
Compact trasport volume
Componentes ASTROroof

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