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Ground Support System - Double pitch


Ground Support System - Double pitch
Hight performance structures

Ground Support System - Double pitch is a large, strong and sturdy modular structure, available in different standard sizes .
Professional structure was designed for a high loading capacity and together wide spans. Built in S76R high load aluminium truss with a fork connections and PoliPlus52 tower.

This is ideal solution to cover large areas of the stage and backstage in the concerts and public events. The whole systems, using the towers suitable and the help erecting system, can be raised with electrical chain hoist.
They can be fitted with lateral wings for hanging audio and video systems.
The assembly of the structure happens at ground including the fastening of the cover sheet to the perimeter. Strong roof system is a solution of great scenical show. The use is recommended at skilled personnel.

  Ground Support system - Double pitch
Uniformly distribued load1
4300 kg
9180 kg
Volume 113 m3
Covered area 380 m2
Maximum tower height
12 m
Vertical truss
Horizontal truss
S76R- SS40AP - S30
Lifting system
Eletrich chain hoist
Roofing sheet
650 mq (4 pieces)
 1Loading data calculated with wind speed of 28m/s


High performance
Great modularity
Performing to highest levels

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