Torre PoliCRIO 40 - Altezza 800 cm - Portata 2000 Kg


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PoliCRIO 40 tower- Height 800 cm - Capacity load 2000 Kg

POLICRIO40 tower utilizes utilizesT40QS trusses
Maximum tower height 800 cm - Maximum load 2000 Kg
▪  Base module, made in black painted steel, with anchoring at the base
   for  manual  or electric  
chain hoist, 4  wheels  for moving  easy,  steel
   hinges set, outriggers foot height adjustable for  
positioning on inclined
   and irregular surfaces

▪  Square section heavy duty aluminium truss twist-resistant version with 
   40 cm long sides

▪  Aluminium  sliding  sleeve-block  multi-compatibility, black  finish. It's 
   composed of assembled 
parts, without any weldings and has rounded
   and cut-resistant shapes

▪  Top designed for chain feed

The tower works correct way with 4 stabilizers-bracings.

Base module truss T40QS/100
Maximum tower height 800 cm
Base module  height 
(excluding support) 

140 cm
Compatible truss

Square30/40/52 cm trusses
rectangular T36R TITANS series

Base dimensione (folded) 71 x 71 cm
Base dimensione (open) 198 x198  cm
Lifting system (not inclusing) Electric chain host
Maximum lifting load capacity 2000 kg
Volume 1,00 m³
Weight 156 Kg
 pt40c disegno piano

puls scheda tecnica titans EN

puls manuale titans en



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