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Passion build!

EFESTO designs and develops versatile, modular and interchangeable products. The EFESTO products are essentially elementary component for configuration of small and big projects … configurations, every time, simply magnificent.

EFESTO makes available to customers the his knowledge and his experience to guide him in the choosing of the solution, for safety, innovative connotation and ease of assembly, more relevant to their needs.
In support of Trussing products,   EFESTO offers a wide range of staging possibilities that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

BETA stages, for example, is modular table stage in welded aluminium, that allows you to configure any platform for entertainment: stages, grandstands and podiums for city festivals, theater shows, concerts, outdoor or indoors events.

Beta Stage is the only table stage on the market that with the long-term use does not buy play because the frame is welded. The Stage system with important capacity load is designed to allow an easy assembly, fast and manage the land compensation are not perfectly flat and different heights.  

 satisfies all needs thanks to its advanced technology, the innovation of the design, to the wide range of products and a authentic passion for building .

For more informations on BETA stage: Click Here Contact Efesto Production






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