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FreedomFast,  compact support for led wall! 
Freedomfast is the support for led wall traveling in the flight case.
Freedomfast is the self-supporting syste, quick connect, made of aluminium, ideal for diversified led system. 

intro video freedom

Efesto aluminium grandstand with BETA modular platform stage

Efesto with SpeedyBETA modular plaqtform stages is been used for the Christamas concert of San Francesco's  
basilica in Assisi (Italy).  EFESTO granstand has been mounted using the modular stages SpeedyBETA around central altar of the beautiful basilica:
this church is rich of pictures and history.
intro video gallery

ASTROroof: the spatial roof with demountables towers

The modular roof system for great shows and events 
ASTROroof is a modular spatial structure highest possible load performance with reduced trasport volume thanks to deomountable towers  .

astroroof intro video

Kòsmosfera ESA 12 
"Forms refined and elegant for covering large spaces"
Surface macro sphere, unlimited and finite space harmonic KÒSMOSFERA: the scenic and architectural
solution to every need of coverage space.

HORINTES H74D double pitch version
Systems simple roof
The walking roof!

Watch the Hortizontes H74D's features, "the walking roof". The video shows all the structure's features and the
particularities of the roof that moves on the rails, that make Horizontes H74D a unique roof of its kind

Efesto at Ravello Festival 2013

Custom Project

Watch the Ravello festival 2013 stage's features. The video shows the structure handling used during the 
Ravello Festival 2013. The trusses rise and fall that escape from the stage bottom, allow to have an area 
completly free from any type of encumbrance for audio and light support.

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