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Efesto: Aluminium structures and solutions for events
Quality and attention to detail in every product

Efesto designs and manufactures a wide range of aluminum structures for events as: concerts, shows, sporting events. 
The variety of types and dimensions of the structures makes it possible to respond to every need, providing valid and different solutions.

The aluminum covered structures proposed by Efesto are easy to assemble and consist almost entirely of standard components and can be: single pitch, double pitch and arc.

Below the differents Efesto roofing system solutions:

Gazebo roofing systems use the square truss side 29 or 40 cm long side as the basic module and can be single pitch, double pitch or arc. They are ideal solutions for small events and exhibition stands. Aesthetically elegant, they are fast and easy to assemble. 

An example of easy and fast coverage a different gazebo every time is
Speedy RoofSpeedy Roof is the easy roof system available in linear or arc version, structured with built-in slide guides for cover sheets and adaptable to each structure with fast steel coupler GC/02.

For the coverage of large spaces the ideal gazebo solution is Kòsmosfera. With its refined and elegant shapes Kòsmosfera creates a scenographic and architectural solution of great impact and elegance for receptions, weddings, parties of all kinds. Modularity allows the creation of corridors and related adjoining spaces;

The roof systems realized by Efesto with single, double pitch or arch are structured with the traditional square modules 29 or 40 cm long side of the Superiòr or Easy series (Single Pitch and Double Pitch). They can be equipped with lateral wings for hanging audio and video systems.

The alternative to traditionals roof systems based on the square truss is represented by Horizòntes.

Horizòntes is structured cover with compact flat aluminum modules 40 or 74 long side with built-in sliding guides. Horizòntes is the series of infinite possibilities combinatorial with high performances, fast assembly times and reduced handling and storage space;

Ground Support are high performance modular structures with linear or arc configurations. Ground Support are structured with HIGH load trusses allow the configuration of long and high performance, allow the configuration of high loading capacity and wide spans. These structures are ideal for covering large areas of the stage and backstage during concerts and events.

Between the Ground Support roofing systems, a special mention is required AstroRoof . AstroRoof is a spatial roof based on combination the aluminium anti skid main chordes and diagonals combined with special steel node.

AstroRoof can be used with the innovative ASTROtower, the tower completely disassembled. AstroRoof is designed for the management of large events and shows. It is the answer to the need to manage high performance solutions with a small encumbrance and storage;

To operate safely aluminum structures should be properly ballasted.

The roof systems solutions designed and make by Efesto are Made in Italy and are certified in according to current regulations.

For more information on the Roof systems disegned by Efesto        
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